The vineyards are aged between 2 and 50 years old, cultivated in a PERGOLA SYSTEM and ROW.

Over the years the replanting occurred by mass selection of the existing clones in the vineyard by selecting the graft from the existing vine plants whose buds are used for grafting on the new rooted cuttings the rest happens thanks to our microclimate, the south / south-east exposure, a sweet texture, clayey soils, fresh and deep resistant even to the most intense heat are optimal characteristics that give us each year rich fruits unequivocally characterizing our wines.

We work the autochthonous varieties of Abruzzo because they are part of the culture and legacy of our grandparents who told us that the typicality of the places, the tradition, the landscape, the microclimate are founded in a single “spirit” representing the true essence of our place.